Babyproofing Your Vacation Rental



Family vacations create memories to last a lifetime, but if you have little ones with you, all parents know the extra precautions that one must take to babyproof your vacation rental to ensure a fun-filled and accident-free stay.  CIVR’s experienced reservation agents will be your best resource when choosing a property that will accommodate your family and ensure you have a great time.

When booking your vacation rental, make sure to let your reservation agent know you will be traveling with an infant/toddler/small child so they can recommend properties that will be a good fit for your group. Also, there are companies on the Island that rent baby equipment such as cribs, car seats, high chairs, strollers, etc., so you don’t have to bring all these items with you.

Once you arrive at your vacation rental for your stay, do a quick sweep of the property and baby-proof.  Look out for electrical outlets, things that your little one can reach and pull down and any cleaning supplies that may be located in lower cabinets. It’s best to bring a few extra outlet covers from  home and move all fragile and toxic items to higher ground.  Getting this task out of the way right when you arrive ensures you don’t have to stress about it throughout your stay, and you can transition right in to relaxation mode!

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