Catalina Island Vacation Rentals New Office

CIVR CIRE New office sign

Moving is never easy. Packing tape and boxes, electronic logistics and rearranging furniture are enough to give anyone a headache. For us, however, it was all worth it.

Catalina Island Vacation Rentals and our sister company, Catalina Island Real Estate, recently moved back into our old location in the Atwater Arcade. While it’s in the same place it used to be, that’s where the similarities end. The office has been completely redesigned and redecorated to be more effective for us and more welcoming for you.

The two companies are now sharing space, which allows us to work together to serve our guests and our clients. After all, many of our vacation rental guests fall in love with the island and go on to become our real estate clients and so many of our real estate clients then become vacation rental owners. The synergy between our two companies is further emphasized in the office by our dramatic new accent wall, which is painted a vivid navy blue and features the two companies’ names in elegant brushed aluminum.

Although this renovated office doesn’t have quite the ocean view that our temporary office did, it soon will feature some fascinating historic photos from our friends at the Catalina Island Museum.

Our new office space is just the start of what’s happened in the Atwater Arcade. You’ll also find new shops, new architecture and in the near future, a coffee shop serving light breakfast and lunch as well as gourmet coffees and desserts.

We hope to see you soon.

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