Catalina Air Show


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s – no really it’s a plane

Catalina’s skies will once again thrum with high-octane excitement on Oct. 26-27, when the Scheyden Catalina Air Show returns to thrill viewers with stunt planes, historic flyovers and a ground show that’s bound to make you long for the wild blue yonder.

Catalina’s aviation history stretches back to 1912 when Glenn Martin flew from Newport Beach to the island, setting a record for the being the longest over water flight at the time. Since then aviation and Catalina Island have been linked. For decades, the most popular way to get to the island was via seaplane, with millions of visitors arriving on by skidding down across the waves and then motoring in the seaport. Many of our guests who stay at Hamilton Cove will walk along the former seaplane terminal, which was located on the beach below where the luxury condominiums are now. Catalina’s Airport-in-the-Sky continues the aviation link today and hundreds of private planes land on the island every year.

October’s Catalina Air Show looks to become a strong element of the Catalina aviation tradition. This year’s performers include top acrobatic pilots from around the country performing in stunt planes, biplanes and helicopters.
The air show is free for spectators and promises to be a very popular weekend. Make your reservations today.

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