Catalina Island Fallfest

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What many of visitors to Catalina Island find so fascinating about the island is that people really do live here. Avalon has a school, a city hall and a hospital as well as a PTA, churches and service clubs. Dozens of clubs, groups and organizations, from the Avalon Rotary Club to Catalina Kid Ventures pre-school, function together to create a sense of community.

The city of Avalon’s recreation department has a found a way to let many of those organizations raise funds while bringing the community together for a small town festival of fun. Each spring and fall, a festival takes over Crescent Avenue with food, games and fundraising. Fallfest and Springfest have become annual traditions for most locals and many visitors.

This year’s FallFest is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 17 and will begin at 5 p.m. Visitors and locals alike are invited to enjoy the many booths and activities set up along Crescent Avenue. Those will include everything from local culinary offerings to a pumpkin patch set up on the beach. Local organizations take the opportunity to raise awareness – and a few funds – with informational and game booths.

Enjoying the fun of FallFest – or SpringFest – is a wonderful way to celebrate the small town ambiance of Avalon. See you there.

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