Snowbirds on Catalina Island

Snowbird Image

It wouldn’t be accurate to say that it’s never snowed on Catalina Island. It happened once, back in the middle of the 20th Century. The chances of it happening again are, well, slim to none. That fact is more than a little appealing to those living in the snow zone.

With temperatures that seldom dip below 55 and almost never drop below 40, Catalina Island can be the ideal place to spend a month or two this winter if you’re looking to avoid serious weather. Spectacular scenery, fascinating hiking and plenty of things to do are just the icing on the cake. While life on the island slows down in the off-season, it can be the perfect time to savor the island’s natural beauty and sample its relaxed atmosphere. Volunteer opportunities abound or you can just relax, unwind and get through that backlog of great books on your Kindle.

Catalina Island Vacation Rentals has dozens of options for housing and in the off season you will find some truly tempting rates on long-term options. Call us today for more details on escaping winter’s wrath on the island of romance.

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