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Photo courtesy Catalina Island Conservancy

Photo courtesy Catalina Island Conservancy


Top nine things to be Thankful for on Thanksgiving

Catalina Island offers much to be thankful for, with warm family memories, dramatic scenery and great activities for everyone. Here’s our top nine things to be grateful for, what are yours?

Memories: Catalina Island is a backdrop to a scrapbook full of family memories. Whether it’s your youngest building sand castles on South Beach, your spouse zipping across Descanso Canyon or your parents dancing cheek to cheek in the Casino Ballroom, memories made on the island resonate in your soul.

Natural beauty: Taking time to smell the roses – at least figuratively – is an easy thing to do on Santa Catalina. The sound of the sea, the smell of oak chaparral and the endless ocean vistas are enough to fill anyone’s heart with gratitude.

Challenges: Catalina offers everyone the chance to get out of our day-to-day routine and challenge ourselves with new skills, new experiences and new adventures.

Family time: First on nearly everyone’s gratitude list is family and friends. Catalina Island Vacation Rentals makes it easy to spend quality time with those you love.

Wildlife: From dolphins frolicking in the wake of the Catalina ferry to bald eagles soaring overhead, Catalina Island’s fascinating wildlife’s brings a smile of wonder and gratitude to many faces.

Great dining: What’s thanksgiving without a delicious meal? You’ll find several local restaurants serving up tempting meals for Turkey Day – and all year long.

Hiking: The Trans-Catalina Trail is just one of many opportunities to be grateful for the chance to get your legs moving and your body healthy.

Catalina Island Museum: Catalina Island has more than 7,000 years of fascinating history. Thanks to the Catalina Island Museum, much of it is preserved for us to experience and enjoy.

Catalina Island Conservancy: Thanks to the Catalina Island Conservancy, Santa Catalina will be preserved in its natural state in perpetuity.

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