CIVR Blog: Dolphins

One of the things that neither residents nor visitors ever tire of is seeing are dolphins on the trip to Catalina Island. Several species of dolphins inhabit the waters around the island.

One of the most commonly seen dolphins are common dolphins. These smaller dolphins are fast-moving animals that travel in large pods hunting small fish and squid. While they are most often seen traveling on the surface, they can dive to depths of 800 feet or more in pursuit of prey. Groups of a thousand are often seen and giant pods of 5,000 animals are not unheard of. Adult common dolphins average about six feet long and weigh around 175 pounds. They can be found throughout the world in temperate and tropical waters.

Highly acrobatic, common dolphins delight travelers on the Catalina ferry with their antics. They are fond of catching a ride in the wake or bow wave and often burst out of the water while doing so. Capable of speeds up to 30 miles per hour, these dolphins have no trouble keeping up with the Catalina ferry boats. Common dolphins have dark grey backs, white or cream colored undersides and a brownish yellow patch on their sides.

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