CIVR Blog: Wrigley Memorial and Botanic Gardens

04 Dec 13 Amy Catalina
11:23 am
Photo courtesy Catalina Island Conservancy

Photo courtesy Catalina Island Conservancy

Avalon’s Casino Building is a cultural icon; an architectural icon so distinctive that it immediately invokes Catalina Island to millions of people around the world. The Casino, however, is far from Catalina’s only architecturally significant building.

Located at the top of Avalon Canyon, the Wrigley Memorial is an homage to William Wrigley, Jr. whose love of the island and dedication to its success were unparalleled. Mr. Wrigley, as he is still known here today, was responsible for a wide range of improvements as well as innovative marketing that made the island known throughout the United States. When he passed away, his wife, Ada, had the memorial built in his honor. Built entirely from island materials, the unique building features graceful curves, classic influences and a spectacular view back down the canyon at Avalon Harbor.

Spreading out over several acres at the base of the memorial are gardens of native plants and Mrs. Wrigley’s beloved succulents, tended for decades in her memory. Today the Catalina Island Conservancy operates the gardens and offers educational programs. The native collection includes plants endemic to Catalina Island as well as those native to rest of the Channel Islands.

You can reach the garden by driving or walking about two miles up Avalon Canyon Road.

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