CIVR Blog: The Great American Vacation Deficit


Americans have a problem.

No, I’m not talking about that one.

Or that one. Not that one either.

I’m talking about The Great American Vacation Deficit.

Employees in the United States receive fewer vacation days than almost any other country. Many European countries offer six weeks paid vacation, while Americans have to make due with only two. And what’s even worse is that most of us don’t even take the all days we’re given.

We can fix that. Catalina Island weather is nearly perfect. The Catalina Island ferry is convenient. And a Southern California island vacation is the ideal antidote to the malaise of overwork that’s been sapping your productivity and squashing your creativity.

With hundreds of things to do, you can plan a vacation that’s packed full of adventure or a week of relaxation with nothing more exhilarating than a good book and a nap. Catalina Island dining options abound, so your taste buds can have a getaway from the ordinary as well.

It’s time to do your part as an American. It’s time to book your next vacation today.

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