CIVR Blog: Mapping Catalina Island

25 Jan 14 Amy Catalina
10:54 am
Catalina Island Conservancy Trail Map

Catalina Island Conservancy Trail Map

Most Catalina Island visitors see only the few miles around Avalon. The city’s shops and spas, restaurants and bars, history and beaches are all they ever see of Catalina Island’s things to do.

Just beyond Avalon however, Catalina Island opens up into a wonderland of wild places and untamed spaces, where dramatic vistas of the Pacific provide a compelling backdrop for plants and animals found nowhere else. Exploring that wonderland can take a lifetime, but you can get a good start by exploring the Catalina Island Conservancy’s trail map. Available online or in hard copy at the Conservancy House on the corner of Third Street and Claressa Avenue, this Catalina Island hiking map provides a wealth of information whether you’re looking to plan a multi-day trek on the Trans-Catalina Trail or just do some armchair exploring while you have your morning coffee.

Detailing not just Catalina Island hikes, but also the island’s paved and unpaved roads as well as campgrounds and picnic spots, the popular map is an indispensable tool for anyone who would like to know more about exploring Santa Catalina. Noted locations, both on the shoreline and the interior are identified as are ponds and reservoirs. Elevation gain is noted, both for the Trans-Catalina Trail and the Catalina Island’s major peaks.

Next time you’re on the island, stop by and get your own copy of the map, but in the meanwhile, enjoy exploring.

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