CIVR Blog: The Rest of the Island

30 Jan 14 Amy Catalina
1:24 pm
Photo by Jack Baldelli, courtesy Catalina Island Conservancy.

Photo by Jack Baldelli, courtesy Catalina Island Conservancy.

Seeing the rest of the island

Most of the nearly one million people who visit Santa Catalina Island every year never see more than the two square miles of Avalon. Their experience with this fascinating Southern California destination never extends farther than the shops, restaurants and bars of the island’s only incorporated city. But Catalina Island is much more than Avalon and missing out on the rest of the island is missing out on a lot.

There are several ways to see the interior: tours, hikes and bikes are just a few. Another way to really get a glimpse of Catalina’s wild side is by taking part in the Catalina Island Conservancy’s monthly Windward Beaches Cleanups. Held the second Saturday of every month, the cleanups go to Ben Weston Beach, Cottonwood Beach, Shark Harbor or Little Harbor. There’s some volunteer work involved, but you’ll also get the chance to see spectacular beaches with pounding surf, dramatic vistas and unique wild life.

The Conservancy provides transportation, with a van that leaves the Conservancy House on the corner of Claressa Avenue and Third Street at 8 a.m. Supplies and drinks are provided and the van returns to Avalon at noon. Call (310) 510-2595, ext. 112 to reserve your spot.

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