CIVR Blog: Rubber Ducky Derby

03 Mar 14 Amy Catalina
1:08 am
Photo credit: http://shire2011.blogspot.com

Photo credit: http://shire2011.blogspot.com

Rubber ducky, you’re the one

Catalina Island is home to nearly a dozen world-class races. Marathons, a 50-miler, a triathlon and the Catalina Gran Fondo attract elite athletes from around the world to compete in grueling challenges that pit endurance and drive against Santa Catalina’s challenging terrain in monumental struggles that define the limits of human stamina. And then there’s the rubber ducks.

Each spring, hundreds of rubber ducks are dumped in Avalon Harbor and compete in an exciting competition of floating, bobbing and well, gently drifting. The bright yellow competitors frequently must be encouraged with a few blasts from the fire hoses aboard Avalon Harbor Patrol boats as they wander gently toward the shore. All this excitement is part of the fundraiser that also includes a raffle, lunch and a decorated ducky competition. The Rubber Ducky Derby benefits the children’s theater troupe Kids at Play and will fill Avalon’s South Beach with eager fans on Sunday, April 6, at noon. The event is a fundraiser and you can sponsor a solo duck for five bucks; five quackers for 30 smackers and 30 racing thrills for two $50 bills. Duck registration will be available on the day of the event or call (310) 510-0288 for more information.

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