CIVR Blog: Shipwreck Weekend at Two Harbors

Shipwrecked Two Harbors

Shipwreck weekend at Two Harbors

Countless visitors have daydreamed of being shipwrecked on Catalina Island, isolated from the pressures and stresses of everyday life, free to wander the beaches and explore the coast and coves indefinitely. Now, at least at the Isthmus of Catalina, you can pretend you are shipwrecked for the weekend.

April 11 to 13 will see the second annual Shipwreck Weekend at Two Harbors. Far from depriving you of the necessities of life, Shipwreck Weekend provides live music, dancing and a DJ as well as a treasure hunt, costume contest and the plenty of drinkables of the over-21 variety.

Located at the west end, Two Harbors on Catalina Island is home to a bar, restaurant, general store and unparalleled natural beauty. Its remote location appeals to those seeking adventure and respite from the stresses of the mainland. Lodging options in Two Harbors include camping, a bed and breakfast and two exclusive vacation rentals managed by Catalina Island Vacation Rentals. Casa Santa Cruz and Casa Santa Rosa offer all the comforts of home along with spectacular views of the two harbors that make up Two Harbors.

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