CIVR Blog: Adventures at Two Harbors

Isthmus Cove at Two Harbors on the Island's West End.

Isthmus Cove at Two Harbors on the Island’s West End.

Catalina Island travelers looking for an experience off the beaten path can find just what they are looking for at Two Harbors, at Santa Catalina’s West End. A beautiful pair of bays creates the isthmus and gives the community its name. Isthmus Harbor, on the island’s lee side; and Cat Harbor, on the island’s windward side, both invite exploration, with hiking trails and walking paths, calm waters perfect for paddling and a wealth of marine life. Two Harbors, CA beckons travelers both those looking for adventure and those eager for relaxation.

Catalina Island is one of the top spots in North America for scuba diving and Two Harbors sports several beautiful dive spots in the many coves on the front side of the island. Those spots are also spectacular for snorkelers with amber kelp forests, curious fish and crystal clear waters. Above water adventures are prevalent at the isthmus, including kayaking, stand-up paddling and big game fishing. Not ready to get wet? The hiking around the West End is some of the best on the island, with dirt roads, hiking paths and the Trans-Catalina Trail all beckoning to be explored. Sound a little too strenuous? Relax with a good book and soak up the rays – or just take in the beautiful views.

Catalina Island Vacation Rentals offers Two Harbors travelers the perfect Isthmus lodging option with two luxurious casas.

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