CIVR Blog: 3 tips for international travelers to Catalina Island

No trip to Catalina Island is complete without experiencing the island's unspoiled natural beauty.

No trip to Catalina Island is complete without experiencing the island’s unspoiled natural beauty.

Three tips for international travelers to Catalina Island

Catalina Island can be an intriguing addition to a trip to California for international travelers. The island’s fascinating marine life, charming small town and unspoiled natural beauty make it a magnet for visitors from both near and far. Here are our three favorite tips for international travelers.

Be prepared to be amazed: Overwhelmed by Southern California’s gridlocked traffic, never-ending suburbs and concrete jungles, international travelers are amazed by Catalina Island. The quaint town of Avalon is the complete opposite of the mega-metropolis of Los Angeles and the island’s sprawling wild lands are an ideal counterpoint to the vast urban sprawl of the Southern California mainland.

Plan your dining: Dining on Catalina Island offers plenty of options to please any palate, including fresh seafood, authentic Mexican food and carefully crafted culinary creations. Those dining options may not be available nearly as late you as you may be used to. Particularly in the winter months, Avalon restaurants can close early.

Get out of town : Many visitors to Catalina Island mistakenly restrict their visit to Avalon. While this quaint village has much to offer, the rest of Catalina Island offers nearly 80 square miles of rolling hills, spectacular vistas and flora and fauna found nowhere else on earth. If you’re visiting Catalina Island, don’t miss the chance to experience this natural wonderland.

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