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One of the most frequently asked questions on Catalina Island is “where do you get your water?”

Lately, the answer to that question has been “we don’t get enough of it.”

Like many places in the United States, Catalina Island and the rest of Southern California have been experiencing a sustained drought. Island officials are currently exploring opportunities for additional water supplies, including drilling a new well in the interior of the island and expanding the capacity at our desalination plant. That plant, which is located at Pebbly Beach, was one of the first large-scale desalination plants in the country when it opened in 1991. It contributes about a third of our annual water supply, so we’ll never completely run out of water, but this drought has put a strain on the freshwater reservoir and the well that it supplies.

Until either Mother Nature brings more rain or the new well comes on line, both visitors and residents are being asked to conserve water as much as possible. If you’re coming to Catalina in the near future, we’d love your help. Here are just a few things that you can do to help conserve the island’s fresh water:

Shut off the water when brushing your teeth or shaving

Please limit your use of the washing machine to one load per weekly visit

Take shorter showers

Consider using paper plates and plastic utensils

Please notify us immediately if you notice a leaky faucet or water leak

You may notice a few changes that we’ve made to ensure that we’re doing our part to help conserve Catalina’s precious water supplies. We’ve capped outdoor faucets and removed hoses to reduce water use and waste. We’re also exploring other ways to conserve our resources – we’d be happy to hear from you if you’d like to contribute a suggestion. For more information, visit our water conservation page here.

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