CIVR Blog: Catalina Island in summer

IMG_20140703_152012_255For more than 100 years, Catalina Island’s siren song of summer has been irresistible to travelers. In July and August, its beaches echo with happy kids, its restaurants are full of hungry travelers and visitors can be found enjoying the island’s many activities.

Plan Ahead. Summer – particularly the weekends – is not the time for spontaneity. This is a time when planning ahead will serve you well. Accommodations, boat trips and activities tend to fill up a few weeks ahead of time in the summer, so preparation will ward disappointment.

Make reservations. Speaking of planning, summer is a good time to make reservations. Calling ahead to secure your spot will help ensure that your chosen kayak tour, cross channel carrier or restaurant is available when you want it.

Be flexible. Even during peak season on Catalina Island there are times when you can escape the crowds. Visit your favorite restaurant before the rush – have lunch at 11 a.m. instead of 12 p.m. or dinner at 5 p.m. instead of 7 p.m.  Things to do on Catalina also have a prime time, depending on what you want to do that maybe in the late afternoon or the early morning.

Head for the hills. Even when Avalon and Two Harbors are bustling with visitors, the rest of the island can frequently feel quite deserted. Summer is the perfect time to hit the trail and explore the rest of Santa Catalina.

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