CIVR Blog: White's Landing on Catalina Island

Catalina Island, California

White’s Landing has one of the largest sand beaches on Catalina Island

White’s Landing

One of Catalina Island’s largest sand beaches is located at White’s Landing, a wide cove about four miles northwest from Avalon.

The wide sand beach and gentle canyon at White’s Landing have long appealed to humans and the area was a center of activity for thousands of years before Europeans arrived on Catalina Island.  Past archeological excavations in the area have revealed that generations of native islanders inhabited White’s Landing.

In the 19th and 20th century, the beach at White’s Landing proved to be an ideal location for loading ore and livestock to ship them to the mainland. Herds of cattle and sheep were driven aboard ships and sent to the mainland, and lead and zinc ore mined from Blackjack were transported to White’s Landing before being sent across the channel for processing.

Today White’s Landing on Catalina Island is home to two private beach clubs belonging to Balboa Yacht Club and San Diego Yacht Club, as well as a large summer camp facility known as The Catalina Experience.  A number of moorings are available and the White’s Landing is a popular destination for boaters.

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