CIVR Blog: Saving water on Catalina Island

CIVR conserve_waterLike many places in the United States, Catalina Island is undergoing a sustained drought. Water on the island primarily comes from underground aquifers which are feed by Thompson Reservoir, a small man-made lake in the interior. Additional water – about a third of the island’s annual usage — comes from a desalination plant located at Pebbly Beach.

Several years of less than average rainfall have created what has become a severe drought and Catalina’s fresh water supplies are dwindling. On August 11, Southern California Edison, which manages the island’s utilities, imposed water restrictions that call for a 25 percent annual reduction in water use.

Visitors and residents alike have been coming together to conserve water and evidence of that can be found throughout Avalon. Restaurants only serve water on request and frequently only serve bottled water. Streets are swept rather than washed. And accommodations are asking guests to conserve in many ways.

At Catalina Island Vacation Rentals, we’re asking our guests to limit their use of washing machines and dishwashers, restrict their showers to three minutes and shut off the water while brushing their teeth and shaving. Any leaky faucets should also be reported immediately.

By working together, Catalina’s residents and visitors will be able to weather the drought until Mother Nature brings more rain.

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