CIVR Blog: Three Palms Avalon Arcade

03 Sep 14 Sherri Cline
8:03 pm
Three Palms Avalon Arcade

Three Palms Avalon Arcade

For generations, growing up has frequently involved a trip to the arcade. With a soundtrack of rumbling skeeballs, tokens are transformed into tickets and then carefully traded into trinkets and treasures. Those treasures and trinkets echo with the skill and luck that accompanied their acquisition – making their value as a souvenir much higher than anything purchased outright.

Several arcades have been part of the cultural fabric of Catalina Island and generations of visitors and locals have experienced the fun and frustration of family fun at the arcade. Avalon’s newest iteration is Three Palms Avalon Arcade, a locally-owned, family-run fun fest in the Metropole Marketplace. Named for an Avalon overlook that used to have three distinctive palm trees, Three Palms Arcade includes a wide range of traditional and modern ticket dispensing games as well as four lanes of duckpin bowling, a shooting gallery and pizza, appetizers and sushi. Beer and wine insure that mom and dad can relax while the kids have fun chasing down those illusive game tickets.

In addition to its everyday fun, Three Palms Arcade also offers private parties for everything from a small child’s birthday party to a corporate team-building extravaganza that will be fondly remembered ‘round the water cooler for months.

Its range of activities makes Three Palms a perfect spot for the entire family and somewhere that’s sure to figure prominently in your Catalina memories.

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