CIVR Blog: Water on Catalina Island

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For most mainland residents, Catalina Island is a vacation paradise replete with dramatic natural scenery, compelling adventures and an array of relaxing activities. With the Mediterranean charm of Avalon and the eco-adventures in the Catalina Island interior this resort island is just about ideal.

Like the rest of California, however, Catalina Island is facing a few challenges and the biggest of those is water – particularly the supply of fresh water. Catalina Island’s water comes from combination of underground aquifers and a desalination plant. While that plant helps supplement the natural water supply, it cannot meet the annual water needs of the island – making a steady supply of rain essential. While Catalina’s residents and visitors have responded by conserving water, Mother Nature hasn’t been as cooperative as it was hoped, making continued conservation even more important.

Whether you are visiting Catalina for the short term or living there for the long-term, there are many things you can do to conserve water while California’s drought continues. Catalina Island Vacation Rentals has compiled an extensive list of water saving tips that you and your family can implement to help save Catalina’s limited water supply. If everyone continues to work together, the island’s water supply will be available for generations to come.

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