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certificate of excellent - tripadvisor

Living and working on Catalina Island is privilege that none of us take for granted. Surrounded by the sea and shaded by Santa Catalina’s stunning hillsides, we’re enveloped by natural beauty in a way that no one else on earth is. Avalon’s quaint streets and scenic waterfront are part of our everyday life and the many activities on Catalina are something we get to enjoy every day.

Working at Catalina Island Vacation Rentals provides its own series of benefits. Every day, we get to make vacation dreams come true. Our guests arrive excited and eager and go home relaxed and refreshed, renewed by a Southern California island paradise. We love hearing about how much fun they’ve had and how much we were able to help them.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of those guests, the Hamilton Cove Villas on Catalina Island that we manage have recently been awarded a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. As the world’s leading hotel review site, millions of people around the world rely on TripAdvisor for vacation travel advice. While we’re proud of this award, we’re even more proud of the experiences that inspired the reviews. Knowing that we’ve been a part of creating wonderful vacation memories makes our jobs even more rewarding.

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