Catalina Island is always a fun place to spend a weekend, but this weekend the fun was taken to a whole new level, thanks to Bud Light and its #UpForWhatever promotion. The beer company transformed parts of Avalon into a festival of frolic and fun, including world-class concerts, off-the-wall activities and unique experiences. The party was open to 1,000 #WhateverUSA Catalina Island contest winners as well as local residents and property owners. With purple parades, restaurants transformed into Moroccan lounges, light shows and an atmosphere of anything can happen, #UpForWhatever is likely to be remembered for years to come as a weekend of epic fun. Even the Casino Building was brought into the fun, with a deep blue lights shining on its storied walls.

Lauded by participants and locals alike for both its fun factor and organization, #WhateverUSA means much more to the island that just a weekend of fun and whimsy. #UpForWhatever Catalina Island will be used to promote Bud Light – and the island – over the next year. Last year’s #WhateverUSA location, Crested Butte, Colorado, was featured in a Super Bowl commercial, as well as promotional materials throughout the country. Catalina Island supporters hope the island will receive similar exposure.