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Shower timers have been installed in all Catalina Island properties.

Shower timers have been installed in all Catalina Island Vacation Rentals properties.

Like most of California, Catalina Island is hoping that this fall will bring copious amounts of rain. For the last several years, water has been in short supply on the island – drought has been unrelenting and rainfall amounts have been significantly below average. Thanks to Catalina Island’s desalinization plant and the dedication to conservation shown by both visitors and locals alike, the island’s water supply continues to provide enough water; without significant rain this fall, however, stringent new conservation measures will have to be implemented.

Catalina Island Vacation Rentals has worked diligently with its guests, employees and homeowners to make a difference in Catalina Island’s water woes. For the last several months, CIVR has implemented several water conservation initiatives in all of its properties. Each home has a shower timer and guests are encouraged to limit showers to five minutes or less. Guests are also encouraged to limit water usage during their vacations, including using paper plates and plastic utensils, limiting dish washing and shutting off the water while brushing their teeth. Additional water conservation tips are available on CIVR’s website and are shared while guests check in at the CIVR office.

While indications are that this fall will bring significant rain thanks to El Nino, continued conservation efforts are prudent.

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