Catalina lobster are delicious

Lobster season is now open on Catalina Island

Catalina Island lobster

It’s bug season on Catalina Island. Don’t worry, insects haven’t invaded – these bugs are the tasty kind. Spiny lobsters – affectionately referred to as “bugs” by those who hunt them – are now in season.

While spiny lobster tails are still delicious, these lobster lack the distinctive claw that characterizes their better known Maine cousins. They can be caught by hand while scuba diving or with a hoop net from several spots around town, including the green Pleasure Pier. However you catch your lobster, the California Department of Fish and Game regulates their take; make sure you have a valid fishing license, a lobster card, measuring device and that you comply with size and bag limits.

Once you’ve caught your lobster, they make a great dinner. Spiny lobsters can be boiled, grilled or broiled and can be eaten plain or dipped in melted butter. If you’d like to dress it up a bit, toss the cubed, cooked lobster meat with Alfredo sauce and serve it over pasta. With full kitchens, Catalina Island Vacation Rentals properties are a perfect choice for cooking your own lobster dinner or – if you’d rather leave the work to someone else, several Catalina Island restaurants serve local lobster.