Catalina Island is a perfect Southern California getaway


There’s a comment that every Island resident and frequent visitor hears on a regular basis and it is one that always leaves us more than a bit perplexed.

“I’ve lived in Southern California my entire life and I’ve never been to Catalina Island.”


Catalina Island is the perfect weekend getaway from Los Angeles. Brimming with activities and blessed with dramatic natural beauty, Santa Catalina is a balm to the soul, located just far enough way to make it seem like an exotic getaway. For those of us who have made the island part of our hearts, the boat ride to Avalon is like a ride to another world – the Casino building emerging from the distance like a sigh of relief. For first time visitors, that boat ride is a voyage of discovery, the salt spray indicative of the gentle sea breezes that will caress their vacation.

Once here, both first-time vacationers and long-term visitors find a wonderland of quaint shops, delicious dining and adventurous activities. Protected from development, the interior of the island is the perfect place to explore for everyone from nature lovers to adrenalin junkies. Avalon offers the charms of a seaside getaway with the atmosphere of a Mediterranean village. Whether for a long weekend or a week-long vacation, Catalina Island is a perfect getaway and one which every Southern California resident should experience.