Catalina attractions — Wrigley Memorial

Wrigley Memorial on Catalina Island

Catalina Island is a wellspring of fascinating history and unique destinations. While most visitors see and experience the iconic landmark of the Catalina Casino, there are many more attractions just waiting to be discovered.

One of our favorites is the Wrigley Memorial. Originally constructed as a mausoleum, the memorial features classic architecture and incorporates a wealth of local materials. The soaring structure initially housed the mortal remains of William Wrigley. Jr., who forged the island into the international vacation destination it is today. While the Wrigley Memorial on Catalina is no longer a mausoleum, it continues to honor Wrigley’s vision and dedication.

Located at the top of Avalon Canyon, the Wrigley Memorial features a commanding view of the canyon from its lower level and a fascinating view of Avalon Harbor from the memorial’s top level. Visitors can either walk up Avalon Canyon – a relaxing walk of about two miles along the Catalina Island Visitors Golf Course – or take a cab. Admission to the Wrigley Memorial is included with admission to the Botanic Gardens, a 34-acre oasis of succulents and native plants managed by the Catalina Conservancy.