Living on Catalina Island is an adventure

street on Catalina


While about a million people visit Catalina Island every year, living on Catalina Island year round is a privilege enjoyed by only about 4,000 people. Those 4,000 enjoy a lifestyle found very few places on earth. By investing in a Catalina Island home or Avalon year round rental, Catalina Island residents make a decision to avoid much of mainland life’s frustrations.

Living on Catalina Island is an adventure. Surrounded by Santa Catalina’s natural beauty and Avalon’s small town charms, island living is a respite from reality – an opportunity to shed the stresses of everyday life and embrace a more relaxed way of life.  Catalina Island offers all of life’s essentials – Avalon has its own grocery store, churches, hospital, school and social life as well as plenty of outdoor activities to keep the whole family active.

While living on Catalina Island simplifies life, working on Catalina Island can be a bit more complicated. The majority of jobs on Catalina Island are tourism related – many of those who live on the island choose to start their own Catalina business. Telecommuting is also an option as is retiring on Catalina Island. Start your journey to living on Catalina Island with Catalina Island Real Estate.