Catalina Island offers plenty to do inside

Santa Catalina Island has become world renowned for its natural beauty and outdoor activities. Whether it is paddling a kayak along the island’s leeward side, hiking the Trans-Catalina Trail or zipping through Descanso Canyon at 45 miles per hours on a zipline, the activities available on the island bring visitors from throughout the country. And what they find when they play outside are dramatic terrain, awe-inspiring vistas and unique flora and fauna.

While those dramatic views and adventurous activities are certainly one reason to visit, Santa Catalina Island also offers plenty to do when you are inside – either by choice or by weather. Here are our favorite things to do on Catalina Island inside.

See a movie: The Avalon Theatre offers first-run movies every evening in one of the country’s greatest movie palaces. Surrounded by historic murals, glittering lights and art deco details, a trip to the movies is worth it for the location even if you’re not enthralled by what’s on the screen.

Have a meal: Restaurants on Catalina Island run the gamut from quick bites to culinary creations. Seafood and sushi, pizza and pasta, burgers and sushi, all can be found in Catalina Island restaurants.

Play: whether your idea of play involves arcade games or the treasure hunt thrill of shopping, Avalon’s quaint streets are filled with fun and places to discover.

Learn: Catalina Island’s fascinating history and environment are just waiting to be discovered. Both the Catalina Island Museum and the Nature Center in Avalon Canyon are great destinations to learn more about Santa Catalina.