Avalon home owners can prepare their homes for rain

Catalina Island

El Nino will hopefully be bringing much-needed rainfall to Santa Catalina Island and the rest of Southern California. Several years of sustained drought have left the island parched and hopeful for a generous rainy season. With that rain however, may come damage to Catalina Island homes. Avalon home owners can make sure their home is rain-ready with a few steps:

  • Fix leaks: Take the time before heavy rains to repair any known issues.
  • Clean gutters: debris in gutters can restrict water flow and cause problems on your roof.
  • Ensure runoff: Decks and balconies should slope away from the walls of your home, to avoid pooling of water.
  • Have a plan: From cancelled cross channel boats that impact travel to the island to cancelled barge runs that impact supplies, rough weather on C atalina Island requires flexibility and preparation. Pay attention to weather reports and have a plan if severe weather arises.
  • Continue to conserve: While El Nino will hopefully help lessen its severity, water conservation will always be a necessity on Catalina Island. For more information about ways to conserve water on Santa Catalina Island, click here.