Experiencing Catalina Island like a local

Catalina Island

When you live on Catalina Island, your experience can be quite different than what our visitors experience. Welcome to our new series of Catalina Island local favorites.

One of nearly every local resident’s favorite things to do is get out of town. While Avalon is brimming with charm, there’s more than 75 square miles of Catalina Island to explore. Whether it’s camping at Little Harbor, hiking on the Trans Catalina Trail or just having lunch at the DC-3 Café at the Airport in the Sky, just about all of us love to get out and experience the rest of Catalina. Known locally as the interior or just “the hills,” the vast majority of the island is preserved and protected by the Catalina Conservancy.

Luckily, even if you don’t live on Catalina Island, there are plenty of ways to experience the interior. The Trans Catalina Trail is a favorite for both residents and visitors and something that can be experienced either on a series of day hikes spread out over several trips or – for the more adventurous – on  a multi-day expedition. The Catalina Safari Bus offers transportation to a variety of spots in the interior, including Little Harbor. And several day hikes just out of Avalon will give you a whole new perspective on this magical island.