Don’t miss exploring the Catalina underwater world

Catalina scuba diving

If you’re visiting Santa Catalina for the first time, there are a wide range of adventures you won’t want to miss. This spectacular island is host to Catalina things to do both above and below the water – whether you are looking for a high-octane adventure or a gentle introduction to the island’s ecology. Water lovers won’t want to miss exploring beneath the waves and snorkeling and Catalina scuba diving are favorite ways to see beneath the surface.

Lovers Cove, just past the Cabrillo Mole where the Catalina ferry boats arrive, is a protected area where nearly-tame fish are used to be fed by snorkelers. Gear can be rented by the hour or book a guided snorkel tour to take advantage of a local’s perspective.

Ready to dive a little deeper into the Catalina marine environment? Santa Catalina has been voted one of the top scuba diving destinations in North America and it’s easy to see why. Fascinating resident species like moray eels, Pacific octopus and bright orange garibaldi are regularly spotted in the island’s popular dive spots, as are bat rays, California sea lions and giant black seabass. Whether you are first timer exploring with a guide during a Discover Scuba experience or an experienced diver with hundreds of dives in your logbook, you’ll find Catalina to be an irresistible place to explore.