Avalon Freight provides service to Catalina Island

The 26 miles between Catalina and the mainland separate this island paradise from the mayhem of the mainland. On one side are the quaint charms, crystal-clear waters and undeveloped isolation of Santa Catalina. And on the other are the crowded freeways, urban sprawl and rat race atmosphere of the mainland.

Those miles of open ocean, while perfect for creating a sense of retreat and escape for a Catalina Island vacation, are also a bit of an inconvenience when it comes to transporting goods and services. Visitors and those who live on Catalina have two options when it comes to transferring freight. The US Postal Service and shipping companies like FedEx and UPS use Catalina Flying Boats, which uses its planes – including a DC-3 – to transport freight between Long Beach Airport and Catalina’s Airport in the Sky.

For larger items, including furniture, vehicles and non-perishables, those 26 miles are crossed via barge. Avalon Freight Services, Catalina Island’s new freight provider, provides this service. Items to be transported are dropped off in San Pedro and delivered to Pebbly Beach – about a mile east of the Cabrillo Mole boat terminal. Avalon Freight Services operates at least five days a week with the schedule determined by the tides.