Clydesdales coming for Catalina Fourth of July

catalina fourth of july

The Catalina Island calendar of events turns red, white and blue every July, when Avalon and Two Harbors both go all out for Independence Day. Catalina Island on the Fourth of July is a celebration of small town, patriotic charm, complete with fireworks, a parade and a few surprises.
There’s nothing like fireworks reflected in the ocean while their explosions echo through the hillsides to mark the Fourth of July on Catalina Island. Those fireworks will echo over Isthmus Cove at Two Harbors on July 3. In Avalon, the fireworks extravaganza takes place on July 4.
Avalon on the Fourth of July is also the place for an Independence Day parade like no other. For decades one of the highlights of the parade was the University of Southern California marching band, which brought a jolt of maroon and gold to the decorated golf carts and community organizations that make up the parade. This year will bring another highlight, when the world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales make an appearance in the parade. The impressive horse team will arrive on the island in late June and there will be several opportunities to see them leading up to the parade.