Many first time visitors arrive via cruise ship

With more than 20 million people living within a relatively short drive and an hour boat ride from Catalina Island, it’s a surprise that so many have never visited this island paradise. Many visitors are discovering Catalina Island for the first time – welcome to our series about what not to miss when you discover paradise for the first time.

Many of these first time visitors experience Catalina Island for the first time on a cruise ship. Avalon is a port of call for several cruise lines. Carnival Cruise Lines stops in Avalon twice a week and many other lines, including Celebrity and Princess, visit Catalina Island as part of repositioning cruises in the spring and fall.  An Avalon port stop gives visitors barely enough time to scratch the surface of what the island has to offer, but for thousands of visitors, that Catalina port of call is just enough to whet their appetite for a longer visit. 

Catalina’s undeveloped wilderness, rugged terrain and dramatic vistas, combined with Avalon’s unique history, quaint streets and charming waterfront are irresistible to those looking for a respite from the mainland. A day spent in Avalon while aboard a Southern California cruise can be the perfect way to spark a long-term love affair with this romantic Southern California vacation destination.