Hiking on Catalina Island includes the Trans-Catalina Trail

Catalina Island

Hiking on Catalina Island is one of the most popular things to do on this Southern California resort island.

Several years ago the Catalina Island Conservancy set out to re-define and organize the hiking trails on Catalina Island. One of the most dramatic results of that effort is the Trans-Catalina Trail, a 37-mile trek from one end of the island to the other. This challenging hike takes about three days to complete, with each day covering 10 to 15 miles, but it can be undertaken on more than one trip to Catalina Island.

Hikers on the Trans-Catalina Trail can expect to encounter a variety of wildlife, ranging from massive American bison to the diminutive Catalina Island fox. Bald eagles, osprey and ravens are just a few of the bird species that make the island their home. Catalina Island’s rugged terrain is a highlight of the Trans-Catalina Trail – hikers are challenged by dramatic elevation changes and rewarded with spectacular vistas and views of the Pacific.

Hiking the Trans-Catalina Trail can be arranged through the Catalina Island Conservancy. Founded in the 1970s, the Conservancy is responsible for preserving and protecting nearly 90 percent of Santa Catalina Island.