Catalina Island lobster season opens Oct. 1

Catalina Island lobster

Catalina Island’s underwater world teems with wonders. From tiny shrimp with incredibly powerful claws to giant black seabass the size of motor scooters, the range of marine life rivals that found anywhere else in North America. It’s no wonder that Catalina Island is ranked one of North America’s top scuba diving destinations.

Although the island’s once prolific kelp forests have been challenged by invasive species and warming water temperatures lately, Santa Catalina still provides a underwater wonder world, where divers discover something new every time they plunge beneath the surface. Playful sea lions, colorful garibaldi and schooling baitfish delight daytime divers, while after dark the nocturnal species venture out, providing an entirely new seascape. Each fall one of those nocturnal specimens provides an additional temptation for divers. California spiny lobster, while not as well-known as their Maine cousins, still tempt divers eager to bring home their quota of the delicious invertebrates.

Not a diver, but still want to experience the thrill of bringing home a Catalina Island lobster dinner? Hoop nets provide the perfect method to stay dry while capturing these denizens of the deep.

No matter how you catch your Catalina Island lobster, you’ll need to comply with California Fish and Game requirements.

Lobster season opens Oct. 1 and continues until early spring, providing plenty of opportunities for divers and hoop netters to catch their fill.