Fishing on Catalina Island catches range from kelpbass to marlin

fishing on Catalina

For more than a century, Catalina Island has been a mecca for sports fishing. Legendary anglers have come from around the world in pursuit of marlin, tuna and swordfish.

Today, fishing on Catalina Island still attracts anglers from around the world who set out in pursuit of halibut, seabass, tuna and, although their numbers are depleted from the heyday of big game fishing, marlin.

While chartering a boat and a guide is still a great way to hookup a trophy fish – or bring home dinner – Catalina Island also offers some simpler ways to drop a line. Both the Avalon Pleasure Pier and the Cabrillo Mole, where the Catalina ferry boats arrive, are hot spots for anglers young and old. Kelpbass and perch are frequently caught from these shoreside locations, as are smelt and other baitfish.

For the younger set, the Avalon Fishing Derby offers regular fishing from the Avalon Pleasure – no license or experience necessary. Organized by the City of Avalon, the Fishing Derby has long been a popular summer activity. Thanks to that popularity it has now become a year-round program, with fishing taking place on the first Sunday of the month from 7 to 9 a.m. Prizes are awarded in a number of categories, including biggest and most unusual.