Trekking Catalina will add news options for hiking on Catalina Island

hiking on Catalina Island

With its windswept promontories, unique species and sweeping vistas, Catalina Island has long been a mecca for hikers. Whether you are looking for a brief chance to see the wild side of Catalina or want to immerse yourself in a multi-day challenge for mind and body, the hiking trails on this Southern California vacation destination offer it all.

At more than 37 miles, the Trans-Catalina Trail offers even the most experienced hikers a multi-day – or multi-trip – challenge, complete with dramatic elevation changes, awe-inspiring views and the satisfaction of completing a hike that stretches from the West End to the East End. Even without taking on the entire trail, the Trans-Catalina offers hikers a compelling opportunity to get out of Avalon and explore this California island.

Thanks to the Catalina Island Conservancy, there will soon be many more opportunities for hiking on Catalina Island. The non-profit responsible for preserving and protecting the island in perpetuity has recently announced an extensive investment in the trail system on the Island. Trekking Catalina Island will bring 27 additional miles of trails to the island, new signs and maps, as well as a number of environmentally-friendly restrooms for hikers to use.