Discover romance on the Island of Romance

For more than half a century, Catalina Island has had a much deserved reputation as the Island of Romance. Thanks to millions of couples over the years, that reputation reflects a reality of romantic interludes, spontaneous elopements, oversized weddings and vow renewals of marriages both old and new.

It’s not hard to see why Catalina has such a reputation for romance. Perhaps most obviously, there’s the simple allure of an island. Removed from the mainland, an island becomes a place removed, where everyday stresses melt away, replaced with the possibility of renewal and reconnection. But Catalina Island offers something more than just an island allure. With its Mediterranean ambiance and dramatic natural beauty, Catalina Island surrounds lovers with an atmosphere like no other.

Couples on a romantic getaway have no shortage of things to do, once they emerge from their Catalina vacation accommodations. Adventures like ziplining, parasailing and scuba diving attract the more adventurous, while spa experiences, cultural tours and fine dining call to those looking for a more relaxed getaway. No matter what type of vacation you’re looking for, booking a romantic getaway on Catalina Island this February is sure to be the foundation of a Valentine’s Day to remember.