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Welcome to Catalina Island Vacation Rentals’ blog, one of the top on-line sources for Catalina Island news. Our regularly updated Catalina Island blog profiles exciting Catalina events, chronicles compelling Santa Catalina history and is a great source of information about Avalon and Two Harbors. CIVR is dedicated to bringing you up-to-date information about Catalina Island to help you plan your Catalina getaway. At least twice a week, our island blog features new stories and posts about Catalina.

Our blog about Catalina Island features articles about :

  • Catalina Island calendar of events: You’ll discover comprehensive news about Catalina Island special events throughout the year.
  • Catalina Island history: Santa Catalina has been inhabited for more than 7,000 years, our Catalina Island blog spotlights the fascinating history waiting to be discovered.
  • Catalina Island natural history: From fascinating marine life to unique flora found nowhere else on earth, Santa Catalina is home to a wide variety of species, learn more in our island blog.
  • Catalina Island culture: Life on an island can be very different from life on the mainland. Read our Catalina blog to learn more about things to do on Catalina Island, Catalina activities, Island attractions and much more.
Catalina Island

CIVR Blog: Catalina Island local favorites

Welcome to our new series of Catalina Island local favorites.
February 9, 2016/by Sherri Cline

CIVR Blog: Catalina Valentine

The Catalina Valentine Package is available through Valentine’s Day
February 2, 2016/by Sherri Cline

CIVR Guest Blogger: Staying in Hamilton Cove

Guest Blog submitted by William Zain I visit Catalina Island…
January 30, 2016/by Amy Tran

CIVR Blog: Catalina featured property

The featured property for Catalina Island Vacation Rentals is 80 Sol Vista.
January 26, 2016/by Sherri Cline
Scuba Diving in Catalina

CIVR Blog: Catalina Underwater Cleanup

Once a year, many Catalina Island scuba divers give back at the Avalon Harbor Underwater Clean-up.
January 23, 2016/by Sherri Cline
Catalina Island

CIVR Blog: Avalon home owners

Avalon home owners can make sure their home is rain-ready with a few steps:
January 19, 2016/by Sherri Cline
Love Catalina

CIVR Blog: Catalina on Valentine’s Day

The reputation for romance is much deserved and thousands of couples escape to Catalina on Valentine’s Day every year.
January 16, 2016/by Sherri Cline

CIVR Blog: Catalina Island inside

Santa Catalina Island offers plenty to do when you’re inside – either by choice or by weather
January 12, 2016/by Sherri Cline
An evening with Oscar is held in the Catalina Casino Ballroom

CIVR Blog: Catalina Casino Ballroom

Attending an event at the Catalina Casino Ballroom has its own allure, no matter what the reason.
January 9, 2016/by Sherri Cline
Catalina Island

CIVR Blog: Catalina Island special offer

This winter, Catalina Island Vacation Rentals is offering an irresistible Catalina Island special offer
January 5, 2016/by Sherri Cline
Love Catalina

CIVR Blog: Catalina in 2016

Catalina in 2016 has a lot to look forward to
January 3, 2016/by Sherri Cline

CIVR Blog: Events on Catalina

Like every year, 2015 was a year for some great events on Catalina Island.
December 30, 2015/by Sherri Cline
street on Catalina

CIVR Blog: Living on Catalina

Living on Catalina Island is an adventure. Island living is a respite from reality
December 27, 2015/by Sherri Cline
catalina casino

CIVR Blog: New Years on Catalina

The quaint village of Avalon and the remote outpost of Two Harbors are both fascinating spots to ring in the New Year on Catalina
December 22, 2015/by Sherri Cline

CIVR Blog: Golf on Catalina

Golf on Catalina Island offer two options -- including miniature golf
December 19, 2015/by Sherri Cline
Wrigley Memorial on Catalina Island

CIVR Blog: Wrigley Memorial on Catalina

Located at the top of Avalon Canyon, the Wrigley Memorial on Catalina features a fascinating view of Avalon Harbor
December 15, 2015/by Sherri Cline
Casino Ballroom at Christmas

CIVR Blog: Christmas in Catalina

Catalina Island at Christmas is a perfect alternative to your annual holiday tradition.
December 12, 2015/by Sherri Cline
Eco Water Save

CIVR Blog: Catalina water supply

Dedicated efforts have resulted in a nearly 40 percent reduction in water use from the Catalina water supply.
December 8, 2015/by Sherri Cline

CIVR Blog: California sea lions

The most reliable place to see to spot California sea lions is at Seal Rocks, near Catalina Island’s East End
December 5, 2015/by Sherri Cline

CIVR Blog: Catalina holiday concert

The Catalina Holiday Concert brings the Stanford University Symphony Orchestra to Avalon Casino Theatre.
December 1, 2015/by Sherri Cline
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