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Welcome to Catalina Island Vacation Rentals’ blog, one of the top on-line sources for Catalina Island news. Our regularly updated Catalina Island blog profiles exciting Catalina events, chronicles compelling Santa Catalina history and is a great source of information about Avalon and Two Harbors. CIVR is dedicated to bringing you up-to-date information about Catalina Island to help you plan your Catalina getaway. At least twice a week, our island blog features new stories and posts about Catalina.

Our blog about Catalina Island features articles about :

  • Catalina Island calendar of events: You’ll discover comprehensive news about Catalina Island special events throughout the year.
  • Catalina Island history: Santa Catalina has been inhabited for more than 7,000 years, our Catalina Island blog spotlights the fascinating history waiting to be discovered.
  • Catalina Island natural history: From fascinating marine life to unique flora found nowhere else on earth, Santa Catalina is home to a wide variety of species, learn more in our island blog.
  • Catalina Island culture: Life on an island can be very different from life on the mainland. Read our Catalina blog to learn more about things to do on Catalina Island, Catalina activities, Island attractions and much more.
Catalina Island home

CIVR Blog: Catalina holiday home tour

The inaugural Holiday Catalina Home Tour will take place on Saturday Dec. 12.
November 24, 2015/by Sherri Cline
Descanso Beach Club

CIVR Blog: Catalina Winter Wonderland

Descanso Beach on Catalina Island is the site for Catalina Winter Wonderland, a weekend-long family fun extravaganza.
November 21, 2015/by Sherri Cline

CIVR Blog: Holidays in Avalon

Holiday in Avalon events will make this a December not to be missed
November 17, 2015/by Sherri Cline

CIVR Blog: Gray Whales

As they migrate between Alaska and Mexico, the whales travel between Catalina Island and the mainland
November 14, 2015/by Sherri Cline
Running in Catalina Echo Marathon

CIVR Blog: Catalina Eco-Marathon

Fall and spring are prime time for endurance events on the island like the Catalina Eco-Marathon
November 10, 2015/by Sherri Cline

CIVR Blog: Catalina weekend getaway

Catalina Island is the perfect getaway from Los Angeles.
November 7, 2015/by Sherri Cline
Catalina Island Vacation Rentals

CIVR Blog: Hamilton Cove Villas

Located past Descanso Beach, Hamilton Cove is the only gated community on the island.
November 3, 2015/by Sherri Cline

CIVR Blog: Catalina Island interior

Dramatic seascapes, challenging terrain and unique wildlife make Catalina Island's interior a nature lover’s dream.
October 31, 2015/by Sherri Cline
Catalina Island

CIVR Blog: Catalina Island cruise

For hundreds of thousands of people, their first experience with Catalina Island is on a cruise ship
October 27, 2015/by Sherri Cline

CIVR Blog: Weather on Catalina Island

Weather on Catalina Island is nearly always just about perfect
October 24, 2015/by Sherri Cline

CIVR Blog: Catalina Island after dark

Catalina Island after dark offers a number of attractions and activities.
October 20, 2015/by Sherri Cline
Scuba Diving in Catalina

CIVR Blog: Catalina in the rain

Here are our five favorite things to do on Catalina Island when it rains.
October 17, 2015/by Sherri Cline
Catalina Island

CIVR Blog: El Nino on Catalina

El Nino tends to bring heavier than normal rainfall to Santa Catalina Island.
October 13, 2015/by Sherri Cline

CIVR Blog: Catalina lobster

Catalina lobsters are now in season -- catch your own or dine in.
October 10, 2015/by Sherri Cline
Catalina turkey

CIVR Blog: Catalina Island Thanksgiving

Catalina Island is a perfect destination for a multi-generational Thanksgiving getaway.
October 7, 2015/by Sherri Cline

CIVR Blog: Catalina JazzTrax

JazzTrax on Catalina Island is held in the first half of October – this year it is scheduled for Oct. 8-11 and Oct. 15-18.
September 19, 2015/by Sherri Cline
Catalina Pottery Factory

CIVR Blog: Catalina Island collectibles

Catalina Island offers a myriad of souvenirs for vacationers.…
September 12, 2015/by Sherri Cline

CIVR Blog: Catalina Film Festival

Fall is festival season on Catalina Island with events for…
September 8, 2015/by Sherri Cline

CIVR Blog: Avalon Theatre

Island life is different from life on the mainland in many…
September 5, 2015/by Sherri Cline

CIVR Blog: Cocktails on Catalina Island

When most visitors think of alcohol on Catalina Island, they…
September 1, 2015/by Sherri Cline
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