Catalina Island Transportation - How to Get Around

28 Oct 09 Administrator

No rental car needed here!

Catalina Island transportation for local residents is by means of foot (walking) or by golf cart! The island has very few autos, and those that are here must have a special permit issued by the city of Avalon.

Guests to the island have a few transportation options for getting around Avalon:

  • Walking – Since Avalon is only about one square mile in size, it is pretty easy to get around on foot, and what a great way to enjoy the town and the view!
  • Taxi – Cabs meet each arriving boat to the island, and if you’re flying in by helicopter, the pilot will request that a cab be available for your arrival at the heliport. There is also a taxi stand in the center of town where you can catch a cab. Taxi service is available to all locations in Avalon.
  • Royal Catalina Carriage – If you’re coming to the island to get married, to celebrate an anniversary or birthday, or you just want to treat yourself to something special, Catalina Transportation Services offers a “Cinderella” type golf cart with a white-gloved chauffeur and complimentary champagne. Call 310.510.0342 for more information.
  • Bicycles & Golf Carts – Both are available to rent in several locations for a few hours so you can go exploring.

If you’re interested in exploring beyond Avalon, you have the following options:

  • Private Charters – Seven passenger vans may be chartered to take you into the interior of the island. Visit Airport-in-the-Sky for lunch or dinner, see Shark and Little Harbors, or travel to the quaint village of Two Harbors. Call 310.510.0342 for more information.
  • Shuttle Bus – This is available to take you to the Airport-in-the-Sky and Two Harbors. Catch it at the Discovery Plaza.
  • Tours – What would a vacation destination be without tours.
  • Hiking – What a great way to really see and experience the island! Hiking permits and trail maps are available at the Catalina Island Conservancy office.

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