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Guest Blogger: Two Harbors Casas

  We stayed at the beautiful Casa Santa Cruz, a renovated modern rental home in Two Harbors that’s centrally located with views of both harbors seen throughout the house. It can accommodate 8 comfortably with three bedrooms (each has a view of a harbor, the master has a view of both harbors), two full restrooms, […]

CIVR Blog: Rotary Club of Avalon

Rotary Club of Avalon Catalina Island’s nearly 4,000 residents work and play year round on the island. Many of them also find time to give back through one of Avalon’s several service clubs. One of the most active Santa Catalina Island service clubs also happens to be one of the most popular service clubs in […]

CIVR Blog: Cruise Ships

Cruise ships bring hundreds of thousands of passengers to Catalina Island Catalina Island hosts more than a million visitors a year. Attracted by beautiful vistas, crystal clear waters and the small-town charm of Avalon, those visitors come from around the world to relax on Catalina’s beaches, explore the island’s interior and experience the many wonders […]

CIVR Blog: Catalina Hummingbirds

Catalina Island’s high-energy fliers Two of Catalina Island’s most fascinating bird species are also its smallest. With wings that beat faster than our eyes can register, these winged acrobats are an endless source of fascination. Anna’s Hummingbird is the more common species, but Catalina is also home to Allen’s Hummingbird. Both species live on the […]

CIVR Blog: Lions Club of Avalon

Lions Club of Avalon an institution on Catalina Island “Do you really live here?” is a comment that Catalina Island residents get on an almost daily basis. And yes, we really do. We live here, work here and volunteer here. Like any community, Avalon, CA has plenty of clubs and organizations that give residents a […]

CIVR Blog: Shipwreck Weekend at Two Harbors

Shipwreck weekend at Two Harbors Countless visitors have daydreamed of being shipwrecked on Catalina Island, isolated from the pressures and stresses of everyday life, free to wander the beaches and explore the coast and coves indefinitely. Now, at least at the Isthmus of Catalina, you can pretend you are shipwrecked for the weekend. April 11 […]

CIVR Blog: Ride Away

Ride away to island paradise Catalina Island’s back country has attracted generations of adventurers. Hunters, hikers and campers have long found the island’s rugged hills and dramatic vistas a source for adventure. Catalina’s remote trails and unique tracks are also an irresistible allure to mountain bikers, who find the rugged terrain a challenge to the […]

CIVR Blog: State Bird on Catalina

Catalina island is home to California’s state bird Whether it’s bald eagles soaring over the island’s remote coastline or ravens frolicking in the skies over Avalon, bird life on Catalina Island is fascinating for both lifelong birders and amateur avian aficionados. One species that makes Catalina Island home is a signature species for the state. […]