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Blizzard Reservation Engine (BRE) for V12.NET & WebLink Plus Users

Designed for small and large vacation rental management companies alike, the Blizzard Reservation Engine (BRE) is a robust, custom-programmed booking engine that direct connects to all of the HomeAway Software for Professional suite of products, including V12.NET.

A specialized, web-based property management software solution, V12.NET is the most comprehensive reservation and accounting solution in the vacation rental industry. Ideal for large vacation rental companies offering resort-like amenities, V12.NET offers a complete suite of features and functionality for reservations, accounting, housekeeping, maintenance and reporting & marketing.

Integrating property information and data stored at V12.NET into the Blizzard Reservation Engine is made possible with ISILink. ISILink is the Global Distribution Center for all of the HomeAway Software for Professionals solutions, which WebLink Plus is a part of. With WebLink Plus, you can control and customize how your property information and data is displayed on your website, which is the reason why many vacation rental managers have chosen to integrate the Blizzard Reservation Engine.

Not only can you control and customize your data within the BRE, but we also install advanced analytics tracking & reporting courtesy of Google Analytics. Now you can gain insights into how visitors interact with your website, where your traffic is coming from, which pages are converting and how much revenue is being generated. Among some of the data that we install for includes E-Commerce Tracking, Conversion Funnels, Goals and Virtual Pages.
With regards to Catalina Island Vacation Rentals, we were able to ascertain via their Google Analytics that from Feb-May 2012, they increased their online reservations by 325 over the same time period in 2011.