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28 Dec 2021
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Santa Catalina Island may not be nearly as green as the home of St. Patrick, but that won’t stop this Southern California vacation destination from getting into the Irish spirit. While you won’t find green rivers or famous parades, if you’ll be visiting the island March 17th, you’ll definitely want to pack something green to join the locals in showing off your Irish spirit.

The traditional St. Patrick ’s Day fare of corned beef and cabbage will be served at several local eateries, with both modern and old school interpretations available depending on your choice of restaurant.

Catalina Island’s nightlife really gets into the Irish spirit on St. Patrick’s Day. You’ll find green beer and Irish coffee as well as more traditionally Irish libations such as Guinness Stout. Whether you’re looking for a quiet evening sipping Irish beer or a raucous celebration complete with karaoke, you’ll find it on Santa Catalina Island on St. Patrick’s Day.