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20 Mar 2017
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Catalina Island Golf Course
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Catalina Island Junior Golf tournament continues tradition of champions

The Catalina Island Visitors Golf Course has hosted hundreds of thousands of golfers over the years. As the oldest golf course in Southern California, the course has had several changes and is currently nine holes with an option to play 18.

Each year, hundreds of young golfers make memories on that course while competing in the Catalina Island Junior Golf Championship. Scheduled this year for April 5 and April 6, the tournament is hosted by the Catalina Island Men’s Golf Tournament.

The Catalina Island Junior Golf Championship is part of the Professional Golfers Association’s Southern California Junior Tour and is sanctioned by that organization. Junior golfers compete in several age categories, with boys and girls ages 9 to 11 completing 18 holes and those ages 12 to 18 playing 36 holes.

In its nearly 50 year history, thousands of young golfers have experienced the Catalina Island Junior Golf Tournament, including some, like Tiger Woods, who would go on to make golf a full-time career. For most of the participants, golf will become future pastime, not a future career, but hopefully their time spent on the island will help craft a lifelong love of the game.

Catalina Island Vacation Rentals is offering junior golf tournament participants and their families a discount of 10 percent during the tournament.