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27 Dec 2021
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Weather on Catalina Island is nearly always just about perfect. Average Catalina temperatures range from about 60 to 80; although every once in a while, Mother Nature throws a curve ball. A few times each winter, temperatures may drop below 50 degrees – but even when it’s a bit chilly Catalina is still an ideal destination for relaxation and adventure. Here are our favorite things to do when it gets cold.

Bundle up and head for the Airport in the Sky: With its giant fireplace, historic atmosphere and great food, the Catalina Island airport is a great place to spend a chilly afternoon. Take the Safari Bus and don’t forget to get one of their famous cookies.

Curl up with a good book: Free wi-fi is available in several locations — download the latest bestseller to your favorite device and catch up on your reading. Want an actual book in your hands? The Avalon Library is a branch of the Los Angeles County Library system; stop by check something out.

Get out and explore: Even if it’s a bit chilly, nearly all of the activities on Catalina Island are available no matter what the weather. Bundle up and go hiking, rent a wetsuit for snorkeling or enjoy dining in Avalon’s many restaurants.