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28 Feb 2017
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Walking in Avalon offers the reward of beautiful views

Walking in Avalon offers the reward of beautiful views

With its quaint streets, charming waterfront and dramatic vistas, Avalon is the perfect place to take a walk. Whether you are looking for a casual stroll or a steep incline to get your heart pumping, walking in Avalon has it all. One of our favorite walks offers both options.

Pebbly Beach Road is a natural place for a long walk. Stretching along the shoreline, Pebbly Beach Road starts at the corner of Crescent Avenue and then continues alongside Lover’s Cove. Passing Abalone Point, Pebbly Beach Road parallels the shoreline, offering the spectacular views of the Pacific and – when it’s clear – the mainland. About a mile past Abalone Point, walkers will find Pebbly Beach, home to Catalina’s heliport, a restaurant, boatyard, freight terminal and commercial laundry as well as its electrical generating station, waste water treatment plant and landfill.

For those looking for a casual stroll, turning around and returning back along the waterfront provides another chance to enjoy the susurrus of the sea and the chance to spot marine mammals frolicking just off shore. A more challenging return to town can be had by taking a hard right just past the Southern California Edison’s Pebbly Beach Generating Station. This will lead to Wrigley Road and a relatively steep incline up and over Mt. Ada. While the walk back is challenging, the rewards are spectacular views of Avalon, the Pacific Ocean and the mainland.