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28 Mar 2017
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Things to do on Catalina Island

Volunteers experience windward Catalina beaches

Most Catalina visitors only experience a tiny portion of the island. Never venturing past the confines of Avalon, these visitors only see the charming seaside village – but they miss the dramatic natural wonders unique to the rest of the island – including the windward Catalina beaches.

Unique flora and fauna, rugged terrain and unspoiled wilderness beckon from Catalina’s interior, where intrepid explorers can hike, bike and discover the wonders of the natural world. One of the most compelling destinations on the rest of the island are the windward beaches. Isolated and windswept, these beaches provide spectacular natural beauty and a sense of the magnitude of the Pacific. Looking out from Ben Weston or Shark Harbor into the vast ocean, explorers will see nothing but sea for thousands of miles.

Visiting the windward beaches used to be reserved for the Catalina residents with access to a vehicle, but once a month, the Catalina Conservancy showcases these awe-inspiring destinations to those willing to work for their pristine protection. The Windward Beaches Cleanups are held the second Saturday of every month. Beach destinations alternate throughout the year. Volunteers leave Avalon at 8 a.m. and return at noon – windswept, salt-sprayed and inspired.

For more information, call the Conservancy at 310-510-2595, ext. 112 or visit their website.