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For more than a century, the siren songs of Catalina's relaxed atmosphere, stunning natural beauty and friendly charm have called vacationers to this island paradise. Many before you have decided to make their experience on the island a permanent one and purchase a home in Avalon or Hamilton Cove. Working with property owners in the management of their vacation rental property, it became evident that Catalina Island Vacation Rentals (CIVR) could extend our professional service by providing real estate sales. In the fall of 2003 Catalina Island Real Estate, Inc. (CIRE) was formed as a sister company. Although under the same ownership as CIVR, it was felt in the best interest of all concerned that the two companies act independently.

Whether you plan to purchase a vacation property, your dream retirement home, a primary residence, or an exciting business venture, the Catalina Island real estate market presents some unique challenges and opportunities. With decades of experience in the real estate market and Realtors who are an integral part of the Catalina Island community, Catalina Island Real Estate is the ideal choice for both buyers and sellers interested in making the most of their Avalon real estate investment.

A Dynamic Partnership

Catalina Island Real Estate offers dynamic partners for your Avalon real estate transactions. Our Realtors are uniquely qualified to both find the perfect home for a potential buyer and find the right buyer for the perfect home. Catalina Island Real Estate's entire team lives on the island and is active in the community, making them the ideal source for information about potential real estate developments and life on the island.

As residents and business professionals, our Realtors are familiar with Avalon's municipal regulations and will guide you through your home purchase and beyond. Catalina Island Real Estate's team is eager to put their knowledge to work for you as you negotiate the Avalon real estate market. To view available Real Estate, please visit Catalina Island Real Estate.             

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